Posted by: morrisdeb | December 15, 2016

Ripples to waves

Much too little, much too late but do what you can #StandWithAleppo

One of the last doctors working in Aleppo made this plea back in the summer, but it’s appeared again on, so please, please sign if you haven’t already.

Here’s the link:


Posted by: morrisdeb | November 9, 2016

Fascism reigns

An insanely sad day for the world.

Posted by: morrisdeb | October 14, 2016

Double lives

Just in case you think you’re having a bad day, read the incredible, but hilarious account of the woman in London who has somehow made it onto the American Republican party’s list of supporters……


Posted by: morrisdeb | October 12, 2016


It’s unfortunate that my children are at the start of their hormonal journey, and I am nearing the end of mine. There will be a time in the not too distant future when we’re all sailing a calmer sea, but the waters are looking choppy for the forseeable future and I approach it with a feeling of dread.

What I must remember is that it’s as hard for them to overcome their emotions as it is for me, but it has to be me who tries to rise above it as I have the great wisdom of age that they won’t achieve for years. Bugger to wisdom! I want someone to help me too. The husband just walks away with a none-too-patient look on his face and a sadness that screams “What happened to the warm, amusing, spirited-but-rational woman I married?” Well, she’s still here, somewhere, only alternately disguised as a butterfly or a wasp, depending on the day and oestrogen levels.

This is going to be a rocky road I think, as I reach for another square of Rocky Road; its dark chocolatey, biscuity, cherry-laden squidgy-ness holding the answers to all my prayers. No! Hold strong! Save the cake for when your hormonal children return from school. Who knows….they might even thank you!

Posted by: morrisdeb | July 4, 2016

Stepping Down

What a few days! Is there something in the air at the moment?

First there was David, saying he couldn’t lead the country (perhaps understandable in the circumstances?). Then there was Boris walking away for his own ignoble reasons (or perhaps because he’d been kissed by Judas, aka Michael).

Blink quickly… and then the whole of the shadow cabinet (pretty much) steps down, to be replaced by backbenchers, some of whom are so green behind the ears, bowls teams are looking on enviously.

Short weekend break and now it’s Nigel’s turn, claiming he wants his life back after saving his country. Poor love, it must be hard telling lies, drinking beer and mocking fellow MEPs, whilst wearing an asinine grin. Do you honestly believe he’ll scuttle off into the wilderness? No? Me neither.

And to top it all Chris Evans leaves Top Gear. Well I never. Prince Charles really must think his time has come.






Posted by: morrisdeb | June 30, 2016


Definition: “Cunning, scheming and unscrupulous, especially in politics”. Who knew?!

Maybe the gods have been watching too many Batman films lately, deciding in their wisdom to create a brand new Dark Gove Knight and Boris Joker for us all to play with? Sadly it looks like that plan just blew up in their (and our) faces as no-one knows who’s the good guy anymore. And where’s Superman? Ahh yes, he’ll join the party when he’s elected President on November 8th.

The gods are, of course, just toying with us. All will be well in the world when the women take over. Captain Marvel Theresa M, Ms Marvel Angela E and She-Hulk Hilary C will save the day! Nothing Machiavellian about any of them…..?

The gods help us all.


Posted by: morrisdeb | November 14, 2015

Vive La France

To French friends everywhere, our hearts are broken for you and our thoughts and love are with you. x

Posted by: morrisdeb | May 6, 2015

Why should I vote?

Because you can. Only about 12.5 per cent of the world’s population benefit from living in full democracies. How lucky are we. Statement, not question.

Posted by: morrisdeb | March 2, 2015

Half full

Happened to be mulling over the idea of middle age and in doing so read a report which claims that this doesn’t actually start until you are 54 and 347 days. Not sure how they’ve calculated this but decided I didn’t care. It works for me…. for at least another 4 years and 394 days. Am ignoring the fact that you can find a report to back up any argument/belief/fantasy etc. The important thing is that I am still very very young.

Which is odd because last week I found “HUGE” as a font size on my phone and became deliriously happy. I also found pants in M&S that reach up to your diaphragm….and got nervously excited, and I started a second Pilates class because my dodgy knee and aching achilles won’t allow me to run anymore….and Pilates is a splendid exercise for very very young people.

In my continuing youth I sing along to the songs that my kids know word for word. It’s true I don’t know all the words (none) or necessarily the names of the bands (haven’t a clue), but I can tell from the looks on their weeping faces that they enjoy having such a cool or is it “sick” Mum;) See…I can use punctuation marks incorrectly too to show you I’m winking at you! It doesn’t annoy me at all 😦

The other great thing about being so young is that you can carry on in this deluded state for years and years and years…..




Posted by: morrisdeb | October 9, 2014

One Flu Over (A Very Short Play)

An everyday tale of kindness…..

Flu Jab Clinic. Thursday 9th October. Lunchtime.

A GPs’ surgery anywhere in Britain.

The waiting room is bursting with people aged over 65. Alongside the weary faces are a young man (about 21) who clearly has a growth disorder; a young mother with two very young children; one middle aged asthmatic woman, who sits uncomfortably between two elderly couples. A newly purchased television screen hangs precariously in the corner of the room, showing the lunchtime news. No sound, but it’s clear the story is about the Ebola outbreak (that’s killing thousands).

To the right of the middle-aged woman couple No.1…..

“George, roll up your sleeve! No…not that one…you know you write with your right hand….don’t be stupid! Roll the other one up.”

“Why have I got to roll it up now? We’re gonna be here for ages yet.”

“’Cos she told you to. Now just do it…” The woman’s face is pinched. “Did you take your tablets this morning? Did you put the bins out? I bet they’ve blown away in this wind. It’ll be your fault if they have. What are you doing with your hand? Take it out of your pocket!”

BEEP. The moving digital screen suddenly calls the young man to Room 7.

To the left of middle-aged woman, couple No 2…..

“Mary…is it me or was he very very short? Was he a boy or a very old man? He’s got an old-man face hasn’t he?”

“What was that Harold….I can’t hear you?” Everyone else can.

“That man-boy who’s just gone in…what d’you think?”

“Have you rolled up your sleeve Harold? Everyone’s rolling up their sleeves.”

“Who’s that other really small man who presents that noughts and crosses game…..Steve Davies?”

“He’s a snooker player isn’t he? Warwick…that’s him…Celebrity Squares…my favourite. Well Bob Monkhouse was my favourite but he’s not bad. Always smiling…and taking the mickey out of himself. S’pose you’ve got to if you’re that small.…”

To the right…..

“George, how can they be giving these injections so quickly? They must be using the same needle. Oh god, are they using the same needle? I’ll be taking this further if they’re using the same bloody needle!”

To the left…..

“Ahh…there he goes…he really is small isn’t he? Funny face too. Poor chap. Come on Mary…our turn. Quick, before those two screaming brats go in.”

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